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Check out the new site for the Enterprise Network.

The Enterprise Network is a a union of independent brokerages across the countrythat share information, strategy and a unified real estate technology platform. Together, they gainthe tools and buying power of larger corporations without sacrificing their independence and personal voice.

The site was designed by the Design Department at Booj and built by James Olson. The site is using the Laravel 3 framework and the Bootstrap framework. It also contains a custom blog and a full admin to update pages and post blog articles.

About The Author

James Olson

James is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in business management. After college, he worked for a small advertising company that focused on the Real Estate Industry where his main focus was on web advertising and email campaigns.

In 2008, James joined booj as a member of the Deployment team and quickly moved through the ranks to become the lead front-end developer. In 2012, he was named the Director of Research & Development where he continues to push the envelope of new web technologies.

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